Year after year your standard blood work comes back “normal”? You are told that everything is fine but you still do not feel well.


You may have: unexplained exhaustion, weight loss issues, digestive complaints like heartburn, bowel irregularity, various aches and pains, insomnia, PMS, infertility, depression, anxiety. You may even be sick all the time being heavily afflicted by allergies. Possibly sensitivity to chemicals, the environment or even the foods you eat.


Still, you are told “there is nothing wrong with you”.


Sound familiar? Consider having your blood analyzed.


 From a small, painless sample taken from your fingertip we can determine:


· Which vitamins & minerals you are lacking or consuming to much of

· Why you have chronic fatigue and how to boost your energy!

· Why you’re emotionally unbalanced and how to energize your emotional state.

· Why you have arthritis or muscular issues and how to reverse it.


Chronic Flu Symptoms? Taking antibiotics? Still not working?


You may not have a viral or bacterial infection; it may be due to an allergy. These are some of the issues we can determine. Live Blood Analysis can detect imbalances that may not show up on traditional blood tests. Traditional lab testing is good and has its place, but does not always show early signs of a possible disease. Blood Never Lies!


Live Blood Analysis

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