Dynamic Health Counselors provide their clients with the  fundamentals of healthy eating and living based on natural law and principles. These laws and principles have only recently been discovered and developed in a systematic and rational manner. It is now possible to determine a diet based on certain clinically proven typologies that fit each person, taking into account their particular needs and bio-chemistry. These discoveries mean that much of current nutritional advice taught is no longer valid. One size does not fit all. We are unique in our nutritional needs and we now have the scientific basis to measure that uniqueness and to provide a dietary plan for health and fitness that matches it for each person.

At the same time, the study of nutrition must take place within a broader context of understanding of health and illness. 

Dynamic health provides a deeper understanding of human functioning and how nutrition affects us not only physically, but in terms of our mental-emotional life. Health and wholeness are not simply the absence of symptoms, but the development of a profound sense of soundness and well-being. The Dynamic Health Counselor will take the client beyond simply providing energy for activity and to protect against disease, to understanding and promoting the vital connection between what we eat and what we think and feel.

Dynamic Health Counselling

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